Friday, September 27, 2013

Small update... I got word from the factory that the picks are finished, as soon as payment clears, the picks will be shipped to me. I will update officially when I get a delivery date, and again when the picks have arrived.  Meanwhile, here are a few more shots of the packaging from the factory. They look pretty secure to me.  Hopefully that's not double stick or heat shrink, or I will have quite the job un-wrapping them...

more soon,

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Yayyy surveys!

Hey Kickstarter supporters, good news! Today I am sending out the official kickstarter surveys requesting everyone's color choice and mailing address.
(For those that have pre-ordered through the shop at, then I already have your info.)

I am posting the colors options again here for convenience:

Raw Ti 
Fire Anodized*

*Note: The pattern and color of the GRADIENT and FIRE options will vary due to the 'one-off' nature of the designs.

On the EpicGrip production front:
We are still on schedule for the getting the picks sent to me on the 20th of Sept. Not sure on transit time, but I will update as I learn more. I'm about halfway done with the scoring my box of 5000 cards. (I only need 3000 or so for the KS orders, so we're almost there...)

On the OTHER music related KS campaigns front:
Kyle's Launched his Kickstarter for Hogjim pick holders and snap-straps, and it's almost funded. It's a great cause and cool accessories. Check out his Hogjim KS page. Let's see if we can kick him over the "funded" threshold.

More as it happens! As always, feel free to say "hi" or ask questions through the KS messaging or comments section.  We're almost there. Thanks for making it real!


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stamping has begun.

Production has started. Here are a couple of quick photos from the factory...

I'll send out the surveys next weekend to collect everyone's address and color choice. All the EpicGrips should ship to me before the 20th, and as soon as I get them, I will start anodizing and shipping. We are getting close now. Thanks everybody for making this happen! More soon!