Thursday, November 21, 2013

Where have all the picks gone?

Hey All,
Wanna see something cool?

A while back I promised folks that I'd put together a map of where all the EpicGrips went from the Kickstarter campaign, and today is the day we find out!

Below is a the real and in the flesh aforementioned map! Each dot represents a city where an EpicGrip now lives!
click to zoom

But that's not all!!! Wanna zoom in and see how many purple picks went to Sweden?
Check out the brand new interactive EpicGrip World Map!

Cheers to TROMSØ Norway
for being the Northernmost EpicGrip so far,
and to Oxford New Zealand for being the farthest South!

Thanks everybody, enjoy!


  1. I received mine today,and I'm thrilled! Can't wait to try all 4 at for the video! Also, love the map...its cool to see I'm surrounded by fellow EpicGrippers!
    Great project on K-Start, and great product too...I'm excited to see the future of the EpicGrip unfold..
    One Very Happy Customer,
    Mark Williamson

    1. Me too. :) Thanks for the great comment Mark! Enjoy!

  2. Hi! Just wondering, have you heard whether anyone in Australia received their kickstarter packages yet?

  3. Some have. Depends what you ordered, and how far you are from a main post hub. Message me direct through KS, or through the EpicGrip contact page if you want to inquire about an order.

  4. But, where is the pick that I ordered? I am not sure if all the order went out but we certainly did not receive ours. we are in MA and ordered several months a go

  5. Karen, I have no idea who you are from the blogger comments. Please message me direct through Kickstarter or through the contact form so we can figure this out.. . Thanks!

  6. Hey, this is Nick I just ordered a pick two days ago and was wondering when it would get here, even an estimate is fine I just want to know the time frame.
    thanks again,

  7. If you're in the US, it should be less than two weeks. Usually less though.

    1. Thnks! I will also be ordering a lot more soon!